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Dear Ramsay Rehabber,

Thank you for bringing your pet for Veterinary Physiotherapy. In order to maintain a good service for you as the client, and the best treatment for your pet, we need to have certain policies in place.

All animals treated at Ramsay Rehabilitation ( PTY) Ltd are treated in consultation with your Veterinarian. This may be your usual Veterinarian, a specialist Veterinarian, or both. If you were not directly referred by your Veterinarian, contact will be made with your Veterinarian before your first physical rehabilitation consultation.

All animals coming to Ramsay Rehabilitation will be evaluated before physical rehabilitation treatment plans are implemented.

All physical rehabilitation consults are to be paid for on the day of treatment, unless you have purchased a regular package, in which case they are paid for in advance. The discount afforded by the 10 session package requires that the payment be made up front.
In the event of a patient passing on before completing their package, the following may occur: The remaining sessions may be used for another pet of the same owner.
Alternatively, Ramsay Rehab is happy to make a monetary donation to any animal rescue centre chosen by the client in the name of the beloved patient to the same value of the remaining sessions in their package.

Any appointments that are not attended, postponed or cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged in full / your appointment will be forfeited from your package. For example, if your appointment is at 09:00 on Tuesday you should cancel by 09:00 on Monday. You can send a Whatsapp with your cancellation message to 074 738 2588, you can email, or call in your cancellation to 074 738 2588.

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding in this regard. Any animal with infectious or contagious conditions will not be treated at Ramsay Rehab. They will need clearance from the treating Veterinarian before returning to physical rehab.
Owners are advised to cancel all appointments (with at least 24 hours notice) until the condition is clear. Normal cancellation conditions apply. Animals that develop an unrelated illness, e.g. biliary are required to obtain clearance from the treating Veterinarian before returning for physiotherapy.

Owners are required to notify Ramsay Rehab if during the course of treatment the animal's injury or condition worsens, or if the Veterinarian advises that the treatment is stopped or suspended. Whilst every care is taken of the animal while undergoing physical rehabilitation, all animals receive treatment at the owner's risk.

Owners are requested not to feed their animal for at least 2 hours before attending a hydrotherapy appointment and to ensure that the animal has done its ablutions before arriving. Should the animal defecate in any hydrotherapy equipment, there will be an extra charge. Bitches in season will not be able to use the Hydrotherapy Equipment until their season is finished i.e. their discharge is completely finished.


We reserve the right to charge an extra fee for dogs that repeatedly arrive dirty for hydrotherapy. It affects the water quality and increases the running costs. By continuing to use our services, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions and give consent to the treatment of your animal by Ramsay Rehabilitation (PTY) Ltd. If anything is unclear upon receipt, please advise or we will assume that the above has been understood.

Kind Regards,

Candice d'Almeida

Ramsay Rehabilitation

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